San Diego District Hockey League offers High School and Jr High School Ice hockey and Inline hockey leagues.

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Includes only players who attended the placements at Poway and/or IcePlex.

Note:  If there is an asterisk by your name you may attend the first Varsity Ice practice and the coach will determine your placement.

Last Name First Level Position Registered
Adamiec N Junior Varsity Goalie No
Aguilar A Junior Varsity*   No
Blabac A Varsity   No
Blabac N Varsity F No
Bowman I Varsity   No
Bowman O Varsity   No
Burbage M Junior Varsity*   No
Carlson C Junior Varsity F No
Cedres G Varsity F/D No
Chappelle II J Varsity   Yes
Chua A Varsity F/D No
Cook K Junior Varsity F Yes
Crudale W Junior Varsity Goalie No
De St. Paer G Varsity F/C/D Yes
Demchuk C Varsity   Yes
Doll J Varsity Goalie No
Ewing A Junior Varsity Goalie No
Gates T Varsity D Yes
Gillis A Junior Varsity F Yes
Hamilton W Junior Varsity*   No
Jaakkda J Junior Varsity F No
Jessie B Varsity D No
Johnson H Junior Varsity*   No
Kakihara K Varsity   Yes
Larson B Varsity D Yes
Leahey B Varsity   Yes
Lee L Varsity   No
Lee Joh Varsity   Yes
Lee Jon Varsity   Yes
Marquez T Junior Varsity    
Mock J Junior Varsity D No
Moore N Varsity*   Yes
Morris C Varsity F No
Mountain J Junior Varsity Goalie No
Nameth B Varsity   Yes
Nubling R Varsity F No
Ochner J Varsity D Yes
O'Malley T Varsity   Yes
Ormeno J Junior Varsity D Yes
Pang A Varsity D Yes
Parizek D Varsity D No
Peters L Varsity   No
Poynter-Smiles J Junior Varsity C No
Randall A Varsity D No
Rogaski J Varsity D/F Yes
Sabater D Varsity   Yes
Schrader Cl Varsity D No
Schrader Ca Junior Varsity F No
Sibilla J Junior Varsity C Yes
Skrable B Varsity   Yes
Smigliani S Varsity C No
Smith A Varsity D No
Swearingen H Varsity F No
Thomas N Varsity F Yes
Thorne K Junior Varsity Goalie No
Travis C Junior Varsity F/D No
Travis D Junior Varsity F/D No
Varner K Varsity*    
Voegel M Varsity   No
White II R Varsity   Yes
Zaragosa L Junior Varsity   No
Zegras R Junior Varsity   Yes
Ziemer R Varsity   Yes
Zimmerman A Varsity   No